Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: Battle at the Cave-In (Session 10)

We passed through the Ogre territory and headed for the Rhaen. Perhaps I was too focused on the thoughts of reaching my sister and cousins, for I alone did not hear the rumbling of the cave. Brottor said it sounded like a cave-in.

We proceeded forward cautiously, coming across a field of dust and fog, no doubt thrown up by whatever caused the rumbling.

Kyari suggested that fire might burn away some of the debris in the air, so I breathed a stream of fire down the corridor. Kyari conjured rain to pull the rest of the dust from the air. No sooner had we cleared the way than a troop of red-skinned men charged at us.

I engaged one, but our fight did not last long. Isabelle sent a spark flying past the fight, where it blew up into a massive fireball, felling the entire troop in an instant, and obscuring the field with fog once more.

A bolt of lightning leapt from the fog, cutting through our ranks. Unable to see the target, I roared fire in the direction it came from. We engaged them, Kyari conjuring up beasts to distract their mage while we felled the warriors. It was a bloody battle, but victory was ours.

They had many items that contained magic. While Isabelle used her own magic to discern their purposes, Kyari cast a spell that compelled the bodies of the dead to speak. We learned that the caved in passage next to us used to lead to the Rhaen and that it a trap laid by the red-skinned people that had brought it down upon them. The corpses also told us the closest passage to the Rhaen now lay through the Mhudran territories.

Finally, she asked what the magic items did. There was a lot that would help us. Gloves to make us stronger, or more nimble. Rings of magic and protection. A cloak to raise the power of our spellcasters. And magic armor and weapons.

I took a pair of the gauntlets that would give me strength, leaving the other items to my fellows. Brottor must be close to carrying his own weight in weapons by now.



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