Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: Dark Dwarves (Session 13)

As I was nearing the end of my shift, I encountered what was quite possibly the strangest thing since I first entered these damn caves.

I saw something move, and suddenly there was a large glowing mushroom creature in front of me. I can only guess it’s one of the Mhudran Valagar told us about.

It made some weird noises at me, and I tried to ask if it spoke any language I knew. In the end, I had to wake Isabelle and have her cast Tongues on me.

Communicating with the Mhudran was still difficult, however. Not from any failure on Isabelle’s part, but because I don’t think the Mhudran really see the world like we do at all.

Still, I asked it if it had seen Black-Skins traveling with young Humans. It had, and as far as I could tell, it seemed like they had indeed gone to the Chasm.

I thanked it for the information, when it started sniffing the air. It informed me that the nectar was not developing properly, as it pointed to Brottor. I asked what was missing, and it told me of a red root that could be found on rocks that dripped water and smelled of fish.

I thanked it again, and it went on its way. I told Brottor what the Mhudran had told me, but I’m not sure he believed me when I told him a giant mushroom told me how to fix his brewing.

Once more on the road, we decided to take a small detour near the Dark Dwarves marked on our map. Isabelle thinks we might be able to get more money for the crystal from them. The idea of screwing over the Rhaen also appeals to me.

However, it was not to be. We encountered a band of Dark Dwarves in the caves, and it soon became clear they were not a people we could make deals with. They were blood-crazy, apparently worshiping gods of chaos. The leader rode a strange horned demon that appeared to be made of brass. They asked what skulls we offered, and when we tried to show them the gems left from the demon we defeated the day before, they attacked.

The battle was long and hard. Brottor showed the true might of a Dwarven Paladin, facing down both the leader and his fearsome mount. But through luck and skill, we managed to fell them.

I suppose we return to the initial plan, delivering the crystal to the Tri-click. Pity, I hate the idea of helping the Rhaen, even if it does suit our own needs.



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