Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: Entering the Temple (Session 15)

The next day we set out again. About mid-day, we encountered a group of Black-Skin traders. Brottor spoke with them. They hadn’t seen my family, but they told us that the slavers mostly dealt at the far side of the Chasm, so at least we were heading in the right direction. Brottor tossed them some gold for their time, and we left.

As we proceeded, strange lights appeared in the fog. We headed forward with caution. The lights turned out to be arrayed around a tunnel in a pillar that served as a village for a group of lizardmen. They seemed quite hospitable, and I was reminded of the Boatmen earlier in our journey.

We stayed there for the night. Jaridan produced a flute and began to play. Isabelle sang along, and I joined in, too. Kyari danced, while Brottor demonstrated a… um, Dwarven ditty. I’ve been pushing myself so hard these last few weeks, it was nice to just enjoy a moment.

Kyari used her magic to look at Kelas. He still appeared sick, but silver-skinned people seemed to be looking after him.

We reached the temple around midday, as best as I could tell. There was no bridge, but Jaridan has a simple, but brilliant solution. During our stay with the Dwarves, he had picked up a magical rod, that, when a button was pressed, would hold perfectly still, even if you let go. He had additionally crafted a mechanism that would allow him to press the button with a length of rope.

Attaching the rod to an arrow, he shot it as far as he could before stopping it. Once he was on the far side, it was a simple matter to attach the rope there. His trip back was more… eventful. Attempting to slide down the rope, he fell, and if it weren’t for the rod, we would have lost him. Ardan had to go help him reach the rope again.

Kyari decided not to bother with the rope and summoned a giant owl to carry her across. Apparently she found Jaridan’s plans amusing to watch.

The temple’s ground was strange. It was, well, real ground. Not rock or mushroom, but dirt! As we moved towards the temple, the skeletal remains around us rose up and attacked. I quickly struck one down as it moved towards Isabelle, but then Brottor called upon his Goddess and they all fell to dust.

Now that we were able to take a look at the temple itself, we saw it was covered with engravings of trees and stars. It was probably on the surface once, but we had no way of knowing what dark power had brought it down here and infested it with the undead.

Large bronze doors barred our entry, but Jaridan found a secret mechanism that let us in. Pressing on, he almost fell into a cruel looking trap, a stone that gave way, and spikes that would pin his leg in place. He scouted out a few more traps, and Brottor and I proceeded carefully.

That was when two large skeletons came to life, one down each hall. Brottor charged one, nearly getting skewered himself by another trap, while Jaridan and I braced ourselves for the other. We held them off long enough for Kyari and Isabelle to arrive and make short work with their powerful magic.

I wonder what else this temple has in store for us.



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