Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: Finding Kelas (Session 17)

Having a Bag of Holding stuffed to the brim with gold and mithril, and a friendly town to spend it in has offered us new options.

Of particular note is the fact that Morul the Runemaster can produce scrolls and staves of teleportation. Rescuing my family will still be difficult, but the walls this tears down make me hopeful that it won’t be too much longer before we’re all standing in the sun once more.

The staff will take over a week to create, so the plan is to head after Kelas in the meantime. Once the staff is complete, we can use a scroll to pick it up, then we will teleport to the Dwarven outpost and raid Glass Spear. Mira will be free, and the ones responsible will die.

First, however, we spoke to King Udib Strongfist, requesting permission to use his town as a base. Family and clan are important to the Dwarves, so I wasn’t surprised that he was sympathetic to my situation, but I was grateful all the same.

Our audience complete, we set out immediately on spider mounts. At the end of the second cycle, we arrived at the lizard inn we had stayed at before. Jaridan played his flute again, although his performance was… off. Isabelle sang beautifully, though. I wanted to join in, like I did last time, but my family seems so close right now, I can’t think of anything else.

The next day, we passed by a Mhudran city. Kyari summoned rain for their spores in exchange for passage.

We reached an Arhu-Ghet village by the end of the day. They told us to go to the “building with sharp edges”, clearly an inn designed for sighted travelers. It was crawling with those damn Black-Skins. I sat at the bar nursing a glass of Moonglow and tried not to come up with excuses to start a bar brawl.

Isabelle came to me, telling me some sleazy Black-Skin was bothering her. It was all the excuse I really needed, but when I confronted the creep, he was more confused than defensive. Something odd was going on, and I couldn’t quite find a good enough reason to hit him.

Some good came of the time spent there, however. Isabelle was able to discover some of what happened to Kelas. It seemed the slaver who had him was named Moradu Visren, but when Kelas fell ill, he ended up in the possession of some Shu-Rei, and he’s most likely in the Talrendi city a few days from here.

We left the inn and put the Chasm behind us. It was an uneventful day, but as we camped, the underdark presented us with another of its odd creatures. He showed up during Brottor’s watch this time, tunneling through the rock itself. He was about as tall as a Halfling, but very skinny, with pale, flat face and big eyes. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but Brottor was attempting to explain the surface to him. Judging from Brottor’s face, I’m not sure the little fellow really understood, but he got really excited.

Apparently Jaridan stole a lens off of him at some point. It lets him see invisible things, although Jaridan was disappointed that it didn’t give him dark vision. Isabelle got upset and used her unseen servant to sent the lens back to the digger.

Not much happened the next day. Which is too bad, because I really felt like hitting something. I’m sick of this journey. Sick of not being able to see, sick of needing magic just to talk to people, and just plain sick of staring at rock and stone for weeks on end.

Thankfully, I was in a better mood the next day, because late in the afternoon, we encountered a Shu-Rei caravan. The told us Kelas was with a doctor (or something) named Gemspark. They, in turn, were apparently bored, and looking for anything “interesting.” Brottor told them were to find the small digger. I’m sure he’ll qualify.

We finally reached the Talrendi city to find an odd sight. Several Talrendi were outside the gate, staring at the wall, which shimmered like the desert in midday. Apparently some spell work had been done on it, and they couldn’t get in. Jaridan tried to see if he could touch it, but about half a foot away from it, he pulled his hand back, complaining about the heat.

The blessings of Kelendenras protect me from heat and flames, so I tried it myself. It was hot, but not painful to me. I forced the gate open, and the spell evaporated. Apparently this was a new attempt at a defensive spell, accidentally cast while there were people outside the gate.

The Talrendi in charge was excited about the performance of the spell, despite my ability to break it. Not surprisingly, he was unfamiliar with Humans and Elves, and asked us many questions. Jaridan tried to be… creative with his answers.

Gemspark was on the far side off town, and it was late in the day, so we found a nearby inn. The collection of drinks the bartender had was astounding, and Brottor managed to find something that was too powerful, even for him. He was convinced his barstool was trying to eat him. I assured him that I would kill it as soon as it made its first move. Jaridan, however, decided on a less helpful approach. He snuck up behind Brottor and grabbed his legs. Fortunately, Brottor was a bit too far gone, and nobody got hurt. Jaridan got a flask of the stuff “for later use.” That worries me some.

We headed to Gemspark first thing in the morning. His house wasn’t hard to find, as it had sparking gems outside it (No one was certain if this is where he got his name, or if he put them there because of his name). A servant had us wait in the parlor for a bit before bringing us to Gemspark and Kelas.

My cousin was laid out on a table. He didn’t move a muscle, and for a moment I feared he might be dead. Gemspark explained that he had placed him under a stasis spell while he attempted to cure him. It seems he had been attacked by some foul creatures called Soul Leeches, that fed on his very spirit. Gemspark had trapped each of the three in a mirror, with what was left of Kelas’s soul residing in a fourth.

And this was the problem. We needed to figure out some way to get the bits of his soul the leeches had eaten back. My Touch of Vitality was useless. Brottor tried feeding positive energy into the leeches as well as casting Restoration on Kelas, but neither had any effect.

Gemspark has a friend, a powerful psion who might be able to help us. We’ll set out to find him. If he can’t do anything… we’ll have to start exploring more desperate avenues.



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