Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: Preparing for War (Session 18)

We spent the day at the nearby shops, procuring magic items we were unable to get at the Pillar of Dorzun. By the time we had returned to Gemspark, his friend, Sartosh had arrived.

He told us that no matter how well this turns out, part of Kelas’s soul is gone forever. While he will be mostly whole, there may be some differences in him.

The plan is to pull each Soul Leech into a fake astral plane, where we will be able to fight them. Upon their destruction, we will use specially crafted prisms to catch Kelas’s soul. Once we have all three, we can restore him.

Making the prisms will take some time, however. Time we don’t plan on wasting. Glass Spear is our next target. With the staff complete, Isabelle teleported back to the Pillar, then took us all to Selecod’s Respite.

Putting that place behind us, we started towards the Dwarven outpost. However, on the way there, strange creatures burst through the cave walls.

Isabelle quickly wrapped one in enchantments, making it suddenly docile an unaggressive. We quickly dispatched another, causing the rest to flee, including the charmed one, who took Isabelle with him!

Fortunately, she was able to convince him to bring her back with little fuss. However, Jaridan was acting even stranger than usual. When the beasts first arrived, he fled, then a ways from the fight, began to babble incoherently to himself. Out of nowhere, he comes running up and attacks both Kyari and Brottor.

It didn’t take much to figure out that the creatures had worked some magic on him. However, he managed to fight off both Isabelle’s attempt to dispel him, as well as Brottor’s tackle. Kyari’s paralyzing magic, however, seemed to work much better. Brottor and I held him down, just to be safe… And Brottor hit him once for the trouble he caused.

With Grim-long (for that was the creature’s name) following us, we continued on our journey. Having the large, chitinous creature with us is a bit unnerving, but it Isabelle can get him to help us fight the Orcs, I won’t complain.

We encountered a Dwarf named Udib, who agreed to take us to the village of Wind-Scream. Apparently our freeing Bromack had earned us a certain amount of fame here. This helped us get a meeting with the Grand Duke Kolmark.

I like Jaridan well enough most of the time, but he has problems keeping his mouth shut. While waiting for our meeting, the conversation turned to the Orcs. I made it clear in no uncertain terms that quips about Mira’s situation will not be tolerated.

With that bit of ugliness behind us, we met with the Grand Duke and his wife, Zasit. They’re willing to lend us troops for our assault, and we sat down to plan strategy. The biggest concern is the Orcish Shamans, but if we can teleport behind enemy lines, while the Dwarves attack the main gate, we may be able to take them out before they can join the battle. Meanwhile Brottor will join the main force, using his divine powers to open the gates before joining the rest of us.



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