Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: To the Castle of Ice (Session 11)

I had thought the cave-in would add days to our journey, but Kyari cast a spell that carved a small tunnel out of the rock. It was not enough to go all the way through, but she said she would cast the spell again the next day.

In the mean time, she had uncovered the body of one of the Rhaen, and used her magic to make him speak. It seemed he was part of a troop of fifty, set out to kill the Red-Skin raiders, although that clearly had not worked out well. We also learned that the Rhaen city was about a day’s journey away.

Brottor not believing the Red-Skins to be evil, used stones from the cave-n to build cairns for them. Our fight aside, I have no real quarrel with them, so I helped.

The next morning, Kyari finished the tunnel. It was a tight squeeze, but the time it saved us was well worth any discomfort.

We marched for what seemed about a day, making camp in a small grove of mushrooms. Kyari used a new-found spell called Sending to communicate with Isallha. The spell only allows for 25 words, so the information we got back was limited. It seems Adriana and Kelas are still in the possession of the Black-Skin slavers, and that she herself is in a “castle of ice.” I don’t think Isallha truly understands the situation she’s in.

Brottor decided to catch some of the little flying mushrooms to see if he could try his hand at the Moonglow Valagar gave us. He also discovered that they are quite nasty to eat raw. Isabelle used one to try out a new spell she had learned. I’m not sure exactly what happened. A blurry shape appeared, and the mushroom just… died.

When we woke the next morning, Isabelle’s blanket was dusted with a strange powder. Apparently the mushrooms had identified her as a threat and tried to attack her during the night.

Hitting the road again, we came to a split. The Ogres told us to stay left. Cursed beasts, either spiteful or just ignorant, because several hours in, we reached a cave strewn with poisonous mushrooms. It was quite clear that no more than a few could have passed here recently, much less the fifty Rhaen that had come from the city. We doubled back, losing most of a day in the process. I resolved to be more careful with what trails I follow and what creatures I trust.

Kyari sent messages to Adriana and Mira. Adriana and seems okay for the moment. Her biggest complaint is that they’re riding on the backs of spiders, but Kelas has apparently become ill. Mira, however… Her message was two words: “Save me.” Sleep didn’t find me that night.

The next day we encountered the bat-like Ahru-ghet. They seemed a friendly enough race. They paid tribute to the Rhaen, in order to be left alone. We learned we were close to the Rhaen, but the chief warned us of a Rhaen called the Mind-Breaker.

We spent the night with the Ahru-ghet, and headed out the next morning. Maybe the dead Rhaen knew a faster route, but we had to camp once more. Kyari used Sending to communicate with Isallha again, to learn what we could of her situation. She told us she’s “getting married, or something.” Again, I don’t think she really understands what’s happening. She has an irritating tendency to not think. She did tell us that only a few Rhaen guarded her.

The next morning, we reached a checkpoint. A brief discussion let us in. The Rhaen city now stands before us.



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