Being a rather large area, the culture of the Middle Region depends heavily on where you are.

The Northernmost section is comprised of tough folk. Farming is difficult this far north, so most people are either hunters, fishers, or miners. Loads of iron ore are common in the mountains in that region, and much of the region’s iron supplies come from there. Not surprisingly, there is a large number of dwarven strongholds in the mountains and hills of this region.

The people who live in the region around the Bay of Frost are a taciturn lot. Hard work and devotion to the gods form the core of their beliefs, and of all the humans and halflings of the Middle Region they get along best with the dwarves. For the most part they worship the Elder gods, and tend to be highly resistant to change. They are excellent sailors, trading heavily with the various islanders out in the Sea of Weshuk. They also do heavy trade in wood and wooden goods, making good use of the groves of Larch that grow thickly that far north.

Making up the Southern part of the Bay is the Horn of Frost, a dense forest inhabited by one of the two Elven nations. The Elves in this region are a reclusive lot for the most part, living deep in the woods and patrolling the edges to keep humans out. There are a few groups, mostly in the south, who live in settlements along the edge and act as the liaisons to the rest of the world. These villages act as trading posts, with fine Elven crafts being traded for Dwarven metal goods, and woolen cloth, dyes, and fish from the humans. Occasionally one of these elves will marry a human, doomed as that relationship is, and half-elves are perhaps more welcome here then anywhere else in the world.

As you move south the land becomes more fertile, and more and more of it has been converted to farmland. Sheep and goats are more common in the northern areas, while cattle become more common as you go south. Most textiles are wool.

The insulated area of the Kadahi Lowlands in the center of the Middle Region is a center for horse breeding. Most of the best cavalry comes from this area. The people of the Kadahi are also more tight-knit then the others, and form the closest entity to a true kingdom to be found in the Middle Region.

To the south are the largest city-states. Renowned for their culture, wealth, and sophisticated centers of learning and magic these city-states are also the first to suffer raids by the humanoid groups to the south. As such, they have a strong appreciation for both physical and mental preparedness.


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