Main Setting

Welcome to the Isles of Alrehdosah. In an ancient dialect of Elven, it means “The Isles of Refuge”. A refuge from what has long been lost to history, however.

The Island itself is more of a small continent. It spans over 5000 miles from tip to tip and is almost 2000 miles across at its widest point.

The main Island can be split into four major sections.

The Far North, which stretches above the Arctic circle. This area is cold and inhospitable to most, and inhabited by only a few small bands of native humans.

The Western Lands, only rumors are spoken about this strange area. Very few who have set off to explore this area have ever returned, either by ship or by land. It is said that any who come near the borders are slain.

The Southern Wild Lands, populated by bands of goblins, orcs, and elves who have turned to dark gods, the southern lands of the Island are rarely tread by civilized people. Rumor has it that, if one goes far enough, there are great cities there ruled by a strange and ancient being. The veracity of this claim is often disputed in ivory towers and crude taverns alike.

The Middle Lands, occupying the Eastern edge of the island and between the northern wastes and southern wild lands sit the civilized areas of the Isles. Here Humans, Halflings, Elves, and Dwarves live in reasonable peace. While wars break out occasionally between the various city states and races, the threat of invasion from the south coupled with raids from the western mountains and arctic regions enforces a certain amount of cooperation amongst the peoples of the Isles. This area is roughly the size of Europe, but due to its high latitude has a much smaller population then Europe did during the middle ages.

The campaign is going to start in the town of Birch Hall which lies in the Pale Hills region, an area shared by the City State of Cargen’s Hold and the Dwarves of SilverGate

Main Setting

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