The human towns of the Middle Lands are a confusing mix of major deities, local spirits, patron gods and saints of towns, and odd cults.

The three major religions among the humans are:

The Elder Gods: Held by their followers to be the gods who created the world, they each embody a major element. Temples to the Elder gods can be found in most of the major cities, and shrines to them are scattered across the lands. The worshipers of the Elder Gods believe that at death, the truly great of this world become servants of the gods. Most people, however, are reborn to continue striving for perfection.

  • Kalak, god of the Sky, Clouds, and Rain
  • Rhiva, goddess of the Moon
  • Tosull, god of the Sun and Fire
  • Whesheena, goddess of the Winds
  • Akull, god of the Earth
  • Wheshuk, god of the Sea
  • Landorth, god of Rivers
  • Kila, goddess of the Woods
  • Isalla, goddess of Life
  • Zom, god of the Void and Magic

The Ascendant: Hundreds of years ago a group splintered off from the churches of the Elder Gods, claiming that the Elder Gods were gone and that Younger gods have taken their place. These Younger gods are fewer in Number, but said to be more powerful. At least, so claim their Priests. Their view of death is similar to that of the Elder Gods, except that they claim that those who can wield divine magic are the ones closest to joining the gods.

  • Taloth SkyBreaker – God of the Sun, Sky, Storms, Wind, and Lightening
  • Tehalla Shimmerhair – Goddess of the Night, Stars, and the Moon
  • Kosk Ironblood – God of the Earth, Metalworking, and War
  • Zimalla WaveDancer – Goddess of the Seas, Rivers, and all Water dwellers
  • Brisa HearthFire – Goddess of Life, Children, and the Hearth

Revallan BrightBlade: Once a small Cult, the followers of Revallan BrightBlade have spread the word of this deity across the land. They claim he was an ancient warlord who was responsible for their people arriving here from a land across the sea. It is said that he battled horrible demons, and single-handedly allowed the ships of their distant ancestors to flee to this island, giving his life in the process. Because of these heroics he was granted power by the ancient gods of the old land, and is the true patron of all civilized creatures on this island. In death, the followers of Revallan believe that everyone either joins Revallan in his eternal battle against the demons or becomes a twisted servant of the demons, doomed to die at the hands of Revallan’s righteous followers.

Because of Revallan’s battle against the Demons, there are several sects of this religion which believe that all magic is evil, and that all arcane spell casters are doomed to join the demons as their servants after death.

The Elves claim that Revallan BrightBlade was one of them, and in fact a prince of their ancient realm. Debate among the humans of the veracity of this claim continues to this day.

As for themselves, the Elves worship a trio of Ancient gods, represented by three bright stars in the night sky. These gods created all living things on this world after a great catastrophe eons ago erased all life. Who or what these beings are is not known, but Clerics among the Elves claim that they are benign spirits who see beauty in life and have taught the elves to live more in harmony with the natural world.

  • Alsen Doreath Caladras – God of the Northern Sky. Favorite weapon of his followers is the Bow
  • Istrandatha Bel – Goddess of the Eastern Sky. Favorite weapon of her followers is the Spear
  • Calthorsen Glandoro – God of the Southern Sky. Favorite weapon of his followers is the long sword

The Halflings tend to avoid the human religions for the most part. They worship various spirits and patron gods, usually centered around their own villages, its history, and the surrounding countryside.

The Dwarves claim that they have always lived on this land, and that it is theirs by birthright. They have long legends that describe the coming of the other races, civilized and otherwise. Religion-wise, the Dwarves worship a pantheon of gods, each having domain over an aspect of life.

  • Ganth the Mountain – God of living Rock
  • Sinkost Goldbeard – God of Metal
  • Es Glimmereyes – Goddess of Gems and Crystals
  • Yan IronHammer – God of Warriors
  • Vanon Stoneshaper – God of Crafting
  • Ulust Firebeard – God of Smithing
  • Lidri RedBerry – Goddess of Life and harvest
  • Ro Blackeyes – Goddess of Death
  • Seles Halldancer – Child Goddess of Children
  • Melana LifeSong – Goddess of Music


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