Technology Level

Technology-wise, the Middle lands are around the late roman period of our world. Mathematics, Alchemy, and Engineering are fairly advanced. Health care, aided by healing magic, is also fairly advanced. Few people in the larger cities die of disease as long as they have the coins to pay for healing.

Weapons and armor are primarily iron, with steel being used for blade edges and armor for the wealthy. The Dwarves are the only ones who truly know the secret to reliably making large amounts of Steel, and they sell the metal very dearly indeed. Because of this, most armor used by the humans and halflings is chain mail, scale mail, or lamellar. A few city-states use banded armor, but it is less common.

The Elves are a bit of an enigma. Their craftsmen are capable of performing very skilled metalworking, and yet they rarely create new weapons or armor. Most of what they use is either ancient (and heavily inscribed with magical runes) or traded from the dwarves.

Seafaring, however, is still pretty limited. The Eastern Sea is quite rough, and with the Orcish pirates to the south all ships are pretty much limited to coastal and island runs. There is no significant contact with the rest of the world.

Technology Level

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