Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: Into the Cave (Session 3)

Jaridan and Brottor quarreled about leaving a marker for any reinforcements that should come after us. The Dwarf argued that the odds of anyone finding us this far out were ridiculous, and I fear he’s right. Still, Jaridan insisted on marking an arrow on the door with charcoal from my torch.

Inside we found a Goblin sentry, but Jaridan cut him down as he ran past.

In a storeroom, we found a strange little creature. A bit like a dwarf, but not as big, and I suspect Brottor would be angry at me for making the comparison. He’s a Gnome, apparently named Bazur. He only speaks Goblin, so Kyari is the only one who can speak to him.

Apparently much of his behavior is an act, designed to keep the Goblins off guard. His people have been enslaved by the Goblins for several generations.

Apparently the Orcs take their captives deep underground, often paying the Goblins to pass through their fort here. My stomach turned as Kyari translated this for us. Bazur doesn’t know what the slaves are used for down there, but at least one is likely to be traded to the Goblins as payment.

I want to chase after them, to find my sister as quickly as possible, but Brottor reminds me that I can’t save anyone if I get killed in the process. My family’s survival depends on my patience, so I’ll have to be patient.

Bazur lead us to a secret storeroom. It seems the Gnomes were the ones who built this cave, and they still keep secrets from the Goblins.

Jaridan found a room full of gadgets and parts, while the rest of us discussed the situation. He tried to drag me into the room full of books, but I don’t have the energy for his games right now. Bazur expects the Orcs have already moved on. My family gets farther and farther away from me by the hour.

He’s made us a deal. He’ll help us get past the Goblins if we help him get his kin out of the caves. Despite the detour, I find myself eager to help. Perhaps saving his family will give me confidence in our ability to save mine.

While we rested, Bazur and his kin scouted out the great hall. My heart leapt when he told us of a small Human there, but he told us it was a boy. One of my cousins, no doubt, and with any luck, we can free him to escape with the Gnomes.

Bazur’s kin all work in the farms and kitchens. There are two exits, and we can’t afford anyone to sound an alarm, so we split into groups. The Gnomes will cause a diversion. Brottor and Kyari will engage the Goblins that come to investigate, while the rest of us will use this opportunity to seize control of the other entrance. We’ve left a handful of Gnomes behind to guard this one, armed with Brottor’s throwing axes.

The plan went off perfectly. The Goblins are defeated, but we still need to get the Gnomes out.



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