Into the Depths

Artanas's Log: Tracking (Session 2)

I’m grateful for my companion’s help. Even as I follow the Goblin’s tracks, they aid me. Their presence gives me hope that I may save my sister and the rest of my family yet.

Night fell, and there was discussion of whether we should press on. I have worries about my ability to follow the Goblin trail in the dark, but we’re falling behind them already. This might be our only chance to catch up with them. Fortunately, the others agreed and we pressed on.

The Goblins did make camp. A large group, they had sent out a patrol, but we brought them down all the same.

We tried to draw out the rest of the Goblins, but they seemed unwilling to leave their campsite. Brottor snuck closer to the camp, his Dwarven eyes being able to see what we couldn’t. He reported that they had met up with a band of Orcs and had a wagon with them.

Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it. My family is so close, but there are more here than we can hope to take on. There is no choice but to wait for a more advantageous moment.

We camped out that night. In the morning, the Orcs and Goblins had gone. Oddly enough, they had recovered the bodies of the Goblins we had killed the night before. Brottor says this is very unusual behavior for a Goblin.

The wagon makes them easy to track, at least. Or it did, until the tracks disappeared completely. Jaridan discovered parts of the dismantled wagon hidden in the bushes. We were on hard ground, leading into the foothills, which made following them difficult, but we managed.

The Orcs and Goblins split off from each other. There were no large tracks with the Goblins, implying the Orcs had taken my family. I couldn’t find any traces of Adriana’s footprints. They could easily be hidden among the Goblin tracks, but my gut tells me the Orcs had her, too.

The trail led us into a valley before it faded from view. It was here that Kyari found a secret door in the rock. The device is amazing – my time helping Jaridan with his experiments has given me at least that much of an eye for this – but it doesn’t seem like something Orcs or Goblins could make.

The situation grows stranger and stranger. I feel like my sister is miles away from me now.



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