The Dwarves of SilverGate are the dominant power in the mountains bordering the Pale Hills. SilverGate itself is the main seat of power for the Dwarves, although many smaller settlements in the mountains and hills of this region swear fealty to the Silver King.

SilverGate has several treaties with the humans of Cargen’s Hold. These treaties provide for mutual defense against the goblin and kobold tribes of the region, safe passage and tax rates for merchants, and even the join administration of a few mining camps.

Most of the wealth from SilverGate comes from the rich veins of Galena found in this region. The Dwarves are adept at separating out the Lead and Silver from the ore, and dwarven craftgoods and jewelry made from these metals are a popular trade good with the humans of the surrounding area. The name of the mountainhome itself comes from the giant silver gates that stand outside the King’s throne room.

The current Silver King is Taldus Silvereyes, an elderly Dwarf who has governed his people well for the last hundred years. However, he grows somewhat senile and there are rumors that a new Silver King will need to be chosen soon.


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