Birch Hall

An old village, it sits on the banks of the Whitepebble River. For centuries the people of this village raised sheep on the hillsides and traded dyed wool for goods and luxury items. The center of the village has always been the large birch hall that serves as meeting hall, chapel, and courthouse as needed.

Fifty years ago a rich vein of Galena was discovered a few miles south of the village, up along the edge of the mountains. A pact was made between the Dwarves of SilverGate and Cargen’s Hold to form a joint mining community. Named Toben’s Mine after the prospector who discovered the vein, it now supplies a steady stream of silver and lead ingots that travel downriver from Birch hall. This enhanced trade has made Birch Hall more properous, and the population has doubled in the last few decades.

The current population stands at 786, many of whom are from families that emigrated here in the last fifty years. The village also has a somewhat transitory population of travelers that are moving to or leaving Toben’s Mine.

Most of the village still consists of sheep ranchers, orchard farmers, and hunters. However, the increase in traffic and trade has allowed the village to support a much larger variety of craftsmen.

Birch Hall

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