Cargen's Hold

Cargen’s Hold is a fairly young City State. Founded nearly two hundred years ago by the mercenary captain Cargen Sickleblade who had become wealthy protecting rich caravans during one of the many Orcish invasions. During his career he managed to free several caches of Orcish plunder, which he and his warband looted for themselves.

Returning with his mercenary company to his homeland in the Pale Hills, he established a network of treaties with the various human and halfling settlements in the area. Under the protection of his mercenary company, now a standing military force, the region prospered. His grandson, Carlgen TrollHammer, was an adventurer of some note who had worked closely with the Dwarves to drive off some Trolls in the mountains that had been raiding the surrounding area. Using these ties he was able to forge an alliance with the dwarves when he came to power. This relationship has been strengthened over the years, and both peoples have prospered.

The current leader of Cargen’s Hold is Cadden Starblade. A young but capable military commander, his main focus during his short reign has been to strengthen the standing army of the state and pacify some of the wilder regions of the Pale Hills.

However, these plans have been put on hold for the present as most of the Standing army of Cargen’s Hold is serving to stave off an Orcish invasion far to the south. With their primary defenders gone, the villages of the area have had to increase their militia forces in order to keep the goblins and bandits at bay.

Cargen’s Hold and it’s allied holding encompasses an area roughly 1000 square miles. Much of this area is uninhabited forest, but the natural resources of the region are great enough that this city-state boasts considerable wealth and is a major political force in the region. There are concerns, however, that the current ruler’s disinterest in economics and the rate he is expanding the military will strain both the coffers of the city state and relations with the surrounding city states.

One of the many small settlements beholden to Cargen’s Hold is Birch Hall, where the campaign starts.

Cargen's Hold

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