Lidri RedBerry

Lidri RedBerry is the Dwarven Goddess of Life and the Harvest. She brings bounty to the dwarves, ensures successful childbirth, and is the patron goddess of the many small farming settlements the dwarves have deep in the valleys and hills of their lands. She is responsible for both aboveground and underground harvests for the dwarves.

Her symbol is a bunch of 5 red high-bush mountain berries, and festivals in her name feature these berries prominently in both dishes and drink. The Holy Water for her priests is a redberry cordial.

Due to her connection to life and living world, Lidri’s priests and devote followers are much more aware of the ecosystem and the dwarf’s role in that web. As such, they often counsel the other dwarves in proper husbanding of living resources such as trees and wild game, and promote diplomacy over needless combat. However, they are quick to advocate the destruction of truly evil forces that are prone to wanton destruction, such as goblins and other humanoids.

Her Paladins server as diplomats to the outside world as well as the instrument of her wrath against the destructive elements of the world. They have a duty to thwart agents of chaos or the undead when they find them, and must protect the dwarven lands and the life within them at all cost.

Lidri RedBerry

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