Ro Blackeyes

Ro Blackeyes is the Dwarven Goddess of Death. She is the judge of all souls when they die, and also represents the even hand of Justice and the value of Tradition. She is a stern god, and unforgiving in many way, but never evil or needlessly cruel. Death is a part of life, and Dwarves accept that all things must end eventually.

Her symbol is a black circle lined with silver runes. These runes speak of justice, and of rewards and punishments for deeds done in life.

Ro’s priests and devote followers see her hand in all things that happen, and feel her watching eyes on everything they do. They tend to be traditionalists, and strongly oppose change simply of for the sake of change. New things are not bad, as the old must eventually give way to the new, but every change to dwarven life must be carefully weighed and judged before being allowed. So it is with a dwarf’s life; death is to be accepted when it comes, but it is never sought without good reason. Suicide, except in extreme circumstances, is considered profoundly undwarven.

Her Paladins are a force of justice in the Dwarven Lands, and serve as executioners in the rare cases where such a punishment is needed. Their primary task, however, is to seek out and destroy undead. These abominations to the proper movement of souls to the afterlife, or the desecration of dead bodies, are to be destroyed wherever they are found. Necromancers, as the cause of many undead, are considered a blight upon the earth that cannot be allowed to continue.

When their martial duties are not needed, her Paladins serve as keepers of Lore and Tradition, and are often consulted on such issues.

Ro Blackeyes

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